Springboard #2, or, It’s About to Get Noisy

Some time ago, before the sabbatical actually started, I laid out some of my plans for what I hoped to accomplish during this time.  I sorted activities into two categories: the Checklist and the Springboard. I’ve been working away at the Checklist, but until now, my ongoing French studies have been the only Springboard activity.

That, friends, is about to change.

If you’ve been reading for a while or if you’ve explored some older posts, you’ll remember that I wrote about music, and the fact that while I love music, I can’t generate a note of it myself.  I got it into my head a few months ago that I would learn how to play blues harmonica (don’t ask…).  After making a friend in France who was also learning to play the harmonica, and after hearing his fabulous 5-note blues riff, I was sold. Inspired. So when I got back home, I took action.

My German-engineered Hohner harmonica.

My German-engineered Hohner harmonica.

I am now the proud owner of this beauty.

Of course, owning a harmonica and having any idea how to play it are two very different things.  But we’ll get there. I’ve found some free lessons on line and started practicing. (It’s harder than you’d think, especially if you want to play a single note.) I’ve got a book on the way and will start learning the basics.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, which I assume will be slow. Local folks, look for me practicing on a park bench near you…




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