Infinite Jest: slow but steady

I attempted to put one of those thermometer-type meters on the blog to show my progress with “Infinite Jest”. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t quite work.  So here’s just a quick update: page 249. There are still new characters being added and keeping the story straight (and constantly flipping to the end notes) can be a challenge, but so far I’m enjoying it.

There’s been a lively discussion on about if and when readers “abandon” books, and they’ve put together this infographic on the most frequently abandoned books, for both modern and classics. I don’t normally intentionally give up on a book, but I’ve definitely been known to stall out now and again. (My copy of Salman Rushdie’s third-person autobiography “Joseph Conrad” remains half-read, for example.)  But I have no plans to abandon Dave Wallace, mostly because I’m so curious how (or if) he’s going to bring all of this together…


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