Mail call!

OK people, this morning I’m making a shameless request for some mail. Real mail, snail mail, MAIL-mail. I’ve been in Amsterdam for about six weeks and all that has appeared in my mailbox was from the bank or the ExpatCenter. Oh, I also got a form that allows me to vote (!) next Wednesday for something called the “waterschappen”, which even my most politically astute Dutch friend cannot fully explain to me.

Back to my shameless request…I’d really love some mail. Now, I’m not going to just throw my home address up on the interwebs. But most of you reading this were directed here from a recent email I sent, and my address is in that email. If for some reason you don’t archive everything I send you and you’ve lost my address, just contact me directly and I’ll share it.

To sweeten the deal (and cause some needless competition among my friends), I will send a special thank you gift to the first person I hear from. Or maybe the gift will go to the funniest or most creative piece of mail. Or the person with the best handwriting. Or the worst. I have the final say and the judging criteria will be known to me alone.

And while this is Amsterdam, please note that your prize will not be anything illegal or subject to US import laws.

Now, off you go. Make friends with your cheery local postal worker. I’ll be waiting by the mailbox…


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