Expat Stuff

This page, much like this expat adventure, is a work in progress.

I will say that if you have any interest in moving to the Netherlands, and specifically to Amsterdam, go immediately to the iamsterdam site and start reading. There is a lot of helpful information there, both for visitors and for those considering a move. Amsterdam brags that it is home to 179 nationalities, making it the most diverse city in the world. It is a dynamic and beautiful place that is welcoming to ex-patriots. And despite what they think about themselves, the Dutch are warm, fun, and curious people.

Several years ago, the Dutch authorities created the Expatcenter, which brings many visa, relocation and immigration services into one (very cool) office filled with the most helpful people you’ll ever hope to find in a government agency. If I could write reviews on Yelp or Trip Advisor for the Expatcenter, I would, and I would give them 5 stars. Instead, every time I call or email them for something, I go on and on about how great they are. (Kind of like I’m doing now.)

For a slightly tongue-in-cheek (but also, in my limited observation, pretty true) take on Dutch life and habits, check out Stuff Dutch People Like.

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