Sabbatical Resources

Below are just a few of the many resources available to help with every part of your planning, from the pitch to your boss to buying plane tickets. It’s a work in progress, so additions and comments are welcome!

  • A good starting place, particularly if you’re in a corporate environment, is yourSABBATICAL.  I haven’t purchased any of their products, which include toolkits for negotiation, executive coaching, and services for employers.  That said, the site has free research, FAQs, and other resources to help you build a case for a sabbatical benefit at your workplace.
  • Meet Plan Go is an organization that sponsors events throughout the US to give you the chance to meet up with others who are planning career breaks. The hosts of these events have successfully taken their own career breaks and they offer lots of tips and first-hand experience.  The website has regional information and country-specific guides for travel planning.  There’s  information about airline tickets, travel insurance, and other practical matters.  There’s also a helpful section specifically on sabbatical planning, and how a sabbatical differs from a career break.
  • Escape 101 addresses sabbaticals, career breaks, and what it calls “lifestyle design”, which seems to be about figuring out how to live (and work, if need be) in a place that you love.  There is a book for purchase and a robust website with articles, resources, and practical tips, including one I will use about managing email while you’re on sabbatical.
  • While it’s not sabbatical-specific, check out Do Something Cool, where I always find a little inspiration, and often a good solid kick in the pants.
  • If you’re a list-maker like me, 43 Things may be the site for you. Not only can you make and manage a reasonably-sized list of things you want to do, you can also browse other peoples’ lists, get ideas, and share tips so you can finally make some big ol’ check marks.

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