Welcome home

It is a gorgeous early spring day in Amsterdam. I just ran a quick errand that took me back and forth through the Vondelpark. Just beautiful. There is still a thin layer of ice on some of the ponds but the sun is strong and the sky is clear and the warmer days ahead seem not so far away. Happily, my new commute (by bike, at least) will take me through the park daily and I’m looking forward to watching it bloom.

It’s much too nice to stay inside, so we’re getting out! But first I wanted to share that we are settling in well at the new apartment. We each had a short list something we needed to really feel at home (me: shower caddy. husband: television), and both have been secured. We have checked out a few local restaurants and will be hunting for a dry cleaner and a few other essentials. Photos will come. but we have water views from the front and back of the apartment, which on a day like today are spectacular. The neighborhood is much less touristy and more residential than our previous location, and I think that will be a benefit, in the long run.

Each day, we discover something new and something lovely about our new home. And we’re off to do more of that, right now. Wishing you a sunny and relaxing Saturday, wherever this finds you…